How Can You Quickly Improve Your Credit Score with Tradelines?

A high credit score makes it easier (or possible) to get loan approvals and credit cards. These days even many landlords and companies consider candidates’ credit score before agreeing to lease them the apartments or hire them for jobs. So, you simply cannot afford to have a low credit score.

Due to poor financial planning or other reasons, it is possible to have a low credit score. It is, however, also possible to quickly raise your credit score with judicious use of credit cards and timely bill payments. But the fastest way to raise credit score is by using tradelines.

Using Tradelines to Build Credit Fast

Tradelines are accounts that show up on your credit reports such as different kinds of loans and credit cards. You can’t always get a loan easily with a low credit score. Even if you manage to get one, you are most likely to get it at a very high-interest rate.

But you can still use other tradelines (such as credit cards) to build your credit. For this purpose, you will need to become an authorized user on another person’s credit card. But it is not always possible to become an authorized user on a relative’s or friend’s credit cards. Even if someone agrees to let you become an authorized user on their card, it is still a risky undertaking. If they use their credit cards erratically or don’t pay their bills on time; it is not going to be any help to you for raising your credit score. In fact, the negative credit history will begin to show on your credit reports as well; further damaging your credit.

So, what is the solution?

You can instead purchase tradelines from credit repair or tradeline companies. You can buy tradelines from these companies as per your requirements.

When you become an authorized user on someone else’s credit card; you can’t legally use it to make purchases. You are also not responsible to pay bills generated on it. But you can benefit from its lengthy and good credit history.

Credit bureaus consider good or bad credit history on credit cards to calculate credit scores. So, you can use one to your advantage as the fastest way to raise credit score. Credit utilization ratio (credit balance left on the credit limit) must be not more than 30%. So, if you use a tradeline with the ideal credit utilization ratio, it is going to help repair your credit.

The process –

Approach the best tradeline companies in your area. The experts at the company can guide you about the process and help you select the tradelines as per your unique needs. Someone may need only one tradeline while another person may require more than one in order to build their credit.

After you make the payment and sign the agreement with the company; you can use the tradelines for specific periods to improve your credit. The lease period will be as per your agreement with the company.

The new tradeline can begin to appear on your credit reports within 60 days as per its first monthly reporting date. It is likely to show up on at least one of your credit reports within this time frame. The time frame for the tradeline to appear on your credit reports can differ from one company to another.

Finding a reliable tradeline company –

To fully benefit from using tradelines as the fastest way to raise credit score, you need to purchase them from a credible company.

Choose a company that lists all the information about the available tradelines on its website. You should be able to choose the tradelines after looking at all the information about each one you wish to buy.

The tradelines available with the company must have the perfect or the ideal credit history. These tradelines must also have low balances and high limits.

The company must mention the office address and phone numbers clearly on its website. The team at the company must be professional and responsive to your queries about the tradelines and any concerns you may have about their use.