How to Choose a Tradeline: A Buyer’s Guide

Buying a tradeline to improve your credit score is much like shopping for a commodity. It requires through research and consideration of various factors before you arrive at a decision. Here is a guide to help you choose the best company that offers tradelines for sale.

Assess the quality of the tradelines for sale

The first thing to consider is the quality of the offering, essentially the tradelines they sell. Most professional companies work with a limited number of banks, but some tend to work with too many, which needs to be addressed with caution. The need to tie up with a large number of banks arises when most of them do not report the addition of an authorized user well or they don’t report at all unless the users share the same address. If the company’s offerings include many names of financial institutions, understand that the tradelines buying activity may have little or no effect on your score.

Also, the tradelines on offer should have a low utilization ratio. One with a high utilization ratio may actually do your report more harm than good. Additionally, the company should allow the tradeline to be present on your account for at least two billing cycles, within which most buyers can reap the benefits. However, there may be occasions when you need them to stay on your report for longer, and should this happen, ensure that the company you work with allows you to extend the time period as necessary. Buying a new tradeline in such a scenario would be a lengthy and hassling process.

Check for compliance

Buying tradelines involves the exchange of sensitive personal information, including identification numbers, so it is extremely important that the company you work with treats them with the utmost care and prevents misuse. Also, be sure that they collect the same verifying information from the tradelines owners and do a thorough check of the information they gather with government databases for authenticity, lest you waste your money in a futile exercise.

Review how they treat customers

A good company that offers tradelines for sales will always be customer-focused and help you pick tradelines that best meet your goals. When reviewing the organization, check their website and the quality of the information presented there. Simple, error-free, and easy to understand content with easily navigable interfaces or webpages, genuine claims, and free resources that educate customers about tradelines for sale are all pluses. A service provider that offers money-back guarantees is also a good and reliable choice. Also, check for buyer reviews. The web is a good place to scour for customer reviews – not just good ones, but also bad ones. A legitimate and authentic company is typically one that has a good number of positive reviews with a few bad ones. Any service provider with only positive reviews should be treated with caution, as these could be fake. So should an extensive number of negative reviews, as many of these could be posted in a copy-paste manner by competitors trying to pull the company down.

Yet another means to evaluate tradelines for sale company is by scheduling a call with them and noting how they treat you in a discussion. An organization that shows little interest in helping you understand the processes keeps you in the dark or makes extremely tall claims is often a bad choice. So can be a company that hard sells their products on you without taking into consideration what your needs or credit goals are. A service provider who assures you that they will help you achieve all your dreams with tradelines for sale may actually be trying to steal your money away from you. Tradelines do have an impact on your credit score, but the change they bring about is greatly related to your credit history and what is on the file. The calculation of scores is a complex process and no company can guarantee you rise by so many points. Hence, any company telling you otherwise should be approached with caution.

Buying tradelines for sale may seem intimidating, but when done with care by following the guidelines mentioned above, you can choose your service provider with confidence.